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About Fujifilm

About Us

Contact Name: Heather Chevreau
Phone: 312-924-5806 -or- 800-869-8600
E-mail: hchevreau@fujifilm.com

FUJIFILM offers a variety of styles and price points of high-quality digital cameras to fit the needs of all your recipients and programs.

  • J-series are the entry level, easy to use, affordable digital cameras that do not compromise on features.
  • Z-series is our “glam cam” which embodies sophistication, variety of colors and advanced features.
  • F-series integrates all of Fujifilm's technological innovations for the perfect all-in-one, high-tech camera.
  • S-series (SLR-style bodies) targets recipients looking for longer zooms and advanced photographic performance.

FUJIFILM knows you want to give your employees/award recipients a brand name product that does not compete with retail. We have created a variety of Bundles that include the camera of your choice, camera case and 2GB memory card that will capture hundreds of photos. They can be shipped in Bulk or drop shipped directly to your individual recipients. We offer competitive pricing, promotional materials, high-resolution images and product brochures. We are dedicated to giving you and your program the attention that it deserves.